The Balloon Drum Album
[Purchase HERE.] & Sound of Skin Records proudly announce the release of the first-ever Balloon Drum Album—featuring Danny Frankel and Kenny Wollesen.




Applied Ballooning

n the spring of 2004, Addi Somekh made 50 different balloon drums and then invited two of his favorite drummers to record a set of improvised duets. The results were more captivating than anyone could have imagined!

The Drummers

A much in-demand session drummer, Los Angeles–based Danny Frankel has recorded with the likes of Fiona Apple, Bebel Gilberto, and Lou Reed and is heard on G Love and Special Sauce’s forthcoming album. He is also a regular member of kd lang’s ensemble as well as the Dakah Hip Hip Orchestra. Danny is particularly renowned for his bongo playing.

In addition to his recurring road gigs with Steven Bernstein’s Sex Mob, Bill Frisell, and John Zorn’s Electric Masada, Kenny Wollesen has recorded with Norah Jones and Tom Waits. He also leads his own sextet, The Wollesens.

A Meeting of Minds (and Musicians)

Although Danny and Kenny had known one another for nearly 20 years, they hadn’t played together before teaming to record the Balloon Drum Album.

Explains Kenny: “The balloon drums have so many different types of sounds that we were learning how to play them as we were recording. So it was a really fun and challenging musical conversation.”

“Kenny has such great energy,” says Danny. “We never even talked about what we were going to play. We just started playing, and it was like ESP.”

Woodrow Jackson recorded the Balloon Drum Album at his Solidstatesman Studio in the Hollywood Hills. Photographer Charlie Eckert shot the cover and inside photos at the recording session.

The 64-minute-long album includes 18 tracks, the last of which features Addi Somekh on balloon bass and Troy Zeigler on backup balloon percussion.



Click below to download MP3s from the Balloon Drum Album.

Improvisation # 1 [5.2 mb]
Improvisation #5
[3.2 mb]
Improvisation #8
[2.4 mb]
Improvisation #12
[2.3 mb]
Improvisation #15 [.38 mb]


Click here to see more photos of the recording session.

The album is available for $10, plus $3 for shipping and handling in the U.S. and Canada. Click here to purchase online.

European orders are 7 Euro plus 3 Euro shipping. The cds are mailed out of Belgium and can be ordered by e-mailing IBS Balloon Supply at


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